Yen Hong Do

Shandon PhanYen Do was born in Saigon, Vietnam and raised during the Fall of Saigon. Growing up, she was raised by her father, who was a Major in Vietnam Cong Hoa (Republic of South Vietnam) and spent 8 years in a political prison camp for his military service in defending South Vietnam from communism during the war. After working her way through school, Do save enough money to move to Texas where she began to work as an organizer to help other Vietnamese newcomers resettle successfully in America. Yen Do is currently a computer-aided designer at S & B Engineers and Constructors. She previously held a variety of management positions including chiropractor office manager, project controls, volunteer coordinator, and church organizer. Do believe that by volunteering her efforts in building a strong community, she is building a foundation for the community future.  She is passionate about helping others and promoting community growth through partnerships, equity, and social support.

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